Korean to English Game Text Translation

Korean to English Game Text Translation


Job Description

We have more than 50,000 lines of Korean text to be translated to English. Quality in the form of ensuring that the scripts within the text are kept according to the original Korean text.

For example,
계속 그날의 사건이 떠올라 줄곧 기분이 이상했다. 더 모드에 있다간 무슨 일이 일어날 것 같은 생각이 들어 해방부대에 입단하기로 했다.
예전에 [npc_name:Ikuch Zebe]가 해방부대 소속이었다는 말을 들었다. [npc_name:Ikuch Zebe]에게 가서 어떻게 하면 해방부대에 들어갈 수 있는지 알아보자


I feel strange as the memories of that day keep running on my mind. I feel that I must leave Mod before something strange happens. Joining the Liberation teams will help me get out of here. I heard that [npc_name:Ikuch Zebe] was once a soldier of the Liberation teams. I should go to [npc_name:Ikuch Zebe] and ask how I can join the Liberation team.

The "brackets" and "script codes" must be kept intact.

If you are up to it, please download the sample lines below and send me the results of your translation.

For starters, this project will be only for 100,000 Korean Characters.

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