Looking for Inboud Appointment Setting Call Center Available 24/7

Looking for Inboud Appointment Setting Call Center Available 24/7


Job Description

I am looking for an inbound call center that is able to take phone calls 24/7. If you are unable to provide 24/7 service i am open to 7am-7pm GMT.

You will be receiving inbound phone calls from callers looking for Air conditioning services.

You will handle the call and find out if caller would like to book appointment for a service call, freon recharge,etc.

You will then place customer on hold once they are ready to book appointment.

Contact one of our contractors to confirm they are available to take appointment and then get back on call with customer and confirm appointment. (this step will be skipped after 6pm GMT)

You will enter the appointment online.

That would be the call process.

I am looking for someone who can provide this service on a monthly basis. To start i am looking to try out a company for 1 week and then we will talk about extending the offer to a long term deal.

Let me know the time it will take to setup the campaign. I am looking to start this campaign ASAP.

You will ONLY be PAID for time on a CALL not for the time waiting for calls.

Reply with your proposal and your favorite color at the beginning of your proposal.

Thank you for your time.