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Job Description

This should be a really easy editing job for someone looking for some good experience. On Saturday, 3/30 during the day Pacific time, I'm going to be recording a whole bunch of video--probably 4-6 hours of total video--and uploading it to an FTP server. I'm looking for somebody to watch all that footage and just identify the best 5 minutes. That means you look for when I say something particular interesting or funny or somehow engaging. I'm going to have several people do this, and then I'm going to collect all the favorite clips and have people pick their favorites from between those, in order to ultimately choose the best clips to use in a video. So I'm looking for people to do this viewing starting on Saturday PM Pacific, (Sunday AM on the other side of the world) while I'll sleep.

On Sunday AM Pacific, I'll go over the submissions from probably 4 people who I'll have do this and cut them up into the collected clips. Then on Sunday PM I'll have people choose between those favorite clips.

I'm paying $100 for two rounds of feedback. That is, you'll watch the whole batch once and pick your favorite five minutes. Then you'll watch the collected clips and choose the best 5 minutes from that group.

After this I'll choose one of the people who is reviewing to help me cut them into a final piece for an additional $100. That work will need to be done Sunday evening.

I know this is a rush job, so I'm not looking for professional grade production. I'll take whatever I can get Monday morning. But if you take this job I'll need you to be available for editing during the times I specified. It must be finished by Monday morning, April 1.

One more thing, whoever does this must agree to nondisclosure of the material covered in the video.

I'm looking forward to working with you!


Skills: video