IOS And Android Developer

IOS And Android Developer


Job Description

We are looking for people with skills in mobile game development. Preferably with experience in Unity3D, deployment on both IOS and Android devices, and a good portfolio of past projects.
Put short:
* Apps/games for IOS/Android
* High quality games for children
* We do 3D models/animations as needed, but want help with programming

We will be developing several games for IOS/Android in the time to come, so we would like to have find someone with the right competence to work on our products. We believe that having the right systems and management in place, great results will be achieved for our virtual team. If we find a great contractor, we may also be interested in offering a permanent position (if so desired).

We have a couple of expectations that need to be met for our potential candidates. First, you need to be able to communicate well in English, both spoken and written. Also, you have to have a stable and relatively high speed internet connection to be able to work effectively with us to do video conferencing/skype calls, and also for uploading/downloading work. So please let us know your status on these requirements, as we will not be able to consider candidates with shortcomings in these respects