Google Adwords Project: Planning, Set Up Campaigns & Measure ROI

Google Adwords Project: Planning, Set Up Campaigns & Measure ROI


Job Description

I've been running small Adwords campaigns for awhile without success. I need your help to figure out if Google Adwords can be a profitable channel for my business. I think Adwords could be a profitable channel since my best channel currently is search engine optimized content. I sell demographic data reports to small businesses for their business plans & marketing campaigns.

My goal for this project is to design & run several small experiments (ads campaigns) that will help us say either "no, Google Adwords isn't a good channel" or "yes, Google Adwords is a good channel & you should do more testing."

Project Steps
1. Figure out Success Metrics - you & I would have a conversation to set reasonable success metrics for our initial Adwords experiments.

2. Keyword Research & Ad Copy - We will need to work together on these tasks.

3. Configure Campaigns - I need your help to configure campaigns & tracking in Google Adwords & Analytics.

4. Measure ROI - I need your help measuring ROI.

I don't have a specific budget in mind. I want to spend enough to accomplish my goal, that is, test Google Adwords as a channel.