Easy Telemarketing Project- MUST HAVE SKYPE $25 per project, leave recording please!

Easy Telemarketing Project- MUST HAVE SKYPE $25 per project, leave recording please!


Job Description


Do you speak English well with a convincing American (any region), Canadian (any region) or English/South African accent?

Our project is simple:
We provide you with a list of phone numbers to call. You will call each number and ask one set of the following questions:

1) Do you sell herb grinders?
2) Do you sell the V. Syndicate grinder?
3) Do you sell hookah pipes?


4) Do you sell electronic hookahs?
5) Do you sell the Viotopia electronic shisha?
6) Do you sell e-liquid or e-juice?

You will call each number using Skype. After each call you will update the status of the electronic record for that business.

You must have a conversational style, and must be able to record simple notes on each phone call. Each call typically takes about 10-15 seconds. You MUST call betweeen 12:00PM (Noon) and 4:00PM in the time zone of the business you are calling.

You will be assigned a block of 300 phone numbers. Not all numbers will connect-- You are kindly asked to note which phone numbers do not work. (Please be accurate, we will verify all results prior to payment)

You will be given a login to use for this project. You MUST use FireFox and have the "Skype Click to Call" extension installed AND an unlimited calling to the US account.

Each block of 300 phone numbers pays $25.00. Each call takes about 30 seconds. We pay per completed batch of calls. If you're fast, we'll assign three or 4 of these to you. If you prefer to do this between other contracts, this is OK too. All you need to do is COMPLETE and make the proper notes on each call that is made.