Website Design for Professional Writer (3rd Post)

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description


I am a professional screenwriter who requires a business website designated to target my writing services and completed scripts to agents, producers, directors, and literary talent managers in Hollywood.

I currently have an active site now, that was built by another programmer, coded in AS3. As within my profession, which is solely creative, my website reflects that. I would like my site to be revamped ONLY from Action Script 3 (AS3) programming to either Object Oriented Programming (OOP), or another compatible language where my site fits the entire screen/page and not constrained to fit only in the center of the page. Also, I would like my website to be compatible with various types of mobile devices (i.e. -- ipads, tablets, labtops, iphones, androids, etc.)

I am not familiar with all the various types of programming language, but I am looking for the most streamlined and cost-effective services you can provide me given my current business needs. All the content design build data I drafted myself and would like to remain the same, so there are no new additional design constraints required . Lastly, I have the source file back-up of my current website that I can forward to you where you can use as a template.