Diablo 3 Guide Writers

Diablo 3 Guide Writers


Job Description

Inviting all MMO gamers out there! Looking for a passionate, Blizzard fan and MMO gamers to help write this upcoming project on Diablo 3.

A standard guide would consist of about 25,000 - 30,000 words of descriptions, information, tips, and expert advice to aid gamers in their game play.

Terms & Conditions:
-Independent and responsible writer
-One project lasts 4-6 weeks
-Possible updates to the guide provides additional earnings to you depending on the quality and quantity

Job Requirements:
-Passionate about Diablo 3
-Capable of doing good research
-Good writing
-Respect deadlines
-Highly disciplined

If you think you match our job description above, send in your applications to and we will gladly provide you with further details about our projects. In the message, please outline your MMORPG expertise (including the games, character classes and levels).

We would very much appreciate it if you could provide us with a sample of your writing (preferably about gaming and MMORPG strategy) by attaching it to your proposal.

Looking forward to receiving your applications!

Skills: writing, research, games, gaming