ANNOUNCEMENT: 3D Template Marketplace


Job Description is looking for a creative Industrial and Product Designers who will deliver high quality product designs that earn market success, delight the user, and build the 3DLT brand. We work across a broad range of product categories including, telephones, eyeglasses, furniture, jewelry, automobile parts, apparel, shoes, and more.

Responsible for researching, creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, ergonomics, value and appearance of physical, hardware products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and business. Work within this job family falls into two major categories:
-new physical product designs.
-strategic design - new or improved physical design language, portfolio design, design archetypes, etc.

We look forward to hearing more from you!

**The budget below does not apply due to this type of work. I encourage you to contact me if you are interested. Then we can discuss more.

Skills: design, autodesk-autocad

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