Promotion for Travel Destination

Promotion for Travel Destination


Job Description

Work detail descriptions:
US$ 200.- for each successful - Digital Signage placement at travel agency
example - 10 Travel Agents = US$ 2,000.-

Locate High end Travel Agency that sell outbound Travel program to Bali - Indonesia.
Create List of targeted Travel Agency [ data should consist of Contact – address, telephone, web, email; In charge person – Manager or owner]
Travel Agency should located in main city of greater China such as Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, that and sell travel programs to Bali – Indonesia.
Establish contact with Travel Agent for Ton Signage.

Introduce Ton Signage program and request for travel agent to join Digital Signage program.
(Similar to placement of Catalog or Brochure from Bali Island, only this one in the form of Digital instead of printed material).
Advantages for Travel agent using Ton Signage would be:
More attractive presentation for their visitor compare to static Catalog or Brochure.
Update of the latest information (Photo & Video) from Bali.
Fast update (every two week compare to Catalog that would take around at least one month).

Ton Signage will provide:
Digital Signage Player with Wi-Fi capability
Latest Travel Activity Content from Bali [Photo & Video] such as:
Hotel, Villa, Spa, Activity, Restaurant, etc.
Contain will be regularly updated and maintain from Bali through Internet
Player will be sent with instruction to connect to TV & Local Internet Wi-Fi
List of Content will be updated via email
Travel Agent will need to sign release form that give Ton Signage permission to use their space for 1 year.
Travel Agent will need to prepare:
Space, Electricity & Internet via Wi-Fi
40 inch TV with HDMI connection

Follow-up Digital Signage Player installation process.
Gather information from Travel Agent
Photo – Travel Agent Main building [exterior & interior]
– TV with Digital Signage Player during operation
– Staffs or Manager
Company profile of Travel Agent