Research - 3D Printers and RepRap

Research - 3D Printers and RepRap


Job Description


I am looking for someone to conduct a short research regarding 3D Printers.
I want to build / Buy a 3D printer, and i am not sure which model to buy or print!

What i am looking for is someone who can look in the internet for 3D printer models and give me a short document or table with all the ups and downs of different 3d printers.

3D printers:
Either buy a whole printer OR build my own
MAX budget for 3d printer is 1000$

the research should include:
3D printer brands
brand website
is it open source
printer accuracy (important)
printer size
printer limitations!!! (important)
list of items needed to build the printer on my own
preferably somewhere that sells the printer or its components
type of material used in printing
does the printer brand have a good community behind it? (links please)
3d printing software (important)
any additional useful information

The document / excel shouldnt be too long.. im not asking for something massive. just someone who can sum the main things for me. make sure to tell me the accuracy of the printer and so on!
2-3 different brands of 3D printers are enough! i dont need more! (just pick the two brands you think are best)

Example printer:: (yes include this brand in the report!) RepRap Prusa Mendel.

Contractor Requirements:
Good written english
good with google search engine!
I prefare someone with knowledge in 3D printers, but it is not mandatory!
new contractors are also welcomed

Thank you

Skills: research, english