Most basic Ember app possible (internal use)

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Ember is the new hotness. Are you looking for a chance to try out ember and get paid to do it? We have a dead simple app for internal use that we would like built using ember.

The app is just a form for engineers to enter daily standup updates and a page to view them all.


1. Static HTML (and twitter bootstrap for CSS) for the 2 pages
2. Basic Ember app built, working, tested
3. Basic github auth to access, post to hipchat API, deployed to nodejitsu

We ONLY want the following:

* Coffeescript for all javascript (server & client)
* SCSS for any custom CSS (mostly bootstrap)
* Handlebars for all templates/html

For all code:

* Tomdoc for documentation in the source
* Mocha/chai for unit testing
* Casper for integration testing


* Nodejitsu for hosting
* Mongodb for data