New Ecommerce store using Lagesse Sweet Wholesale product

New Ecommerce store using Lagesse Sweet Wholesale product


Job Description

Must have previous experience with Lagesse Sweet ecommerce store.
LagasseSweet uses an ECDB 2.0 e-commerce database.

Want to launch a wordpresse ecommerce site with their products.

Please let me know what you have previously done and how you did it.

Additional info from the company:

What is the ECDB?
It is a CD with an easy-to-use menu that has product information, images and more for customers to use.
What is on the ECDB?
Product Spreadsheet: An Excel Spreadsheet with product info and extended product descriptions for every item in the 2013 Catalog, and other nationally stocked products, which is updated on a quarterly basis; plus:
1. UPSable information
2. Identification of Enviro-conscious products
3. Country of Origin
Product Images: This folder has small (50 pixels x 50 pixels), medium (152 pixels x 152 pixels), large (250 x 250), and extra large (400 pixels x 400 pixels) images for all products in the Product Spreadsheet.
Category Structure: A spreadsheet lists the three-level Product Category Structure used on and in the 2013 Catalog.
Catalog Pages: A PDF Copy of every page in the 2013 Catalog.
MSDS Folder: A Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) for hundreds of items in easy to use PDF Format.
Manufacturer List: This spreadsheet lists all the Manufacturers in the Product Spreadsheet with their Website Address, Prefix, and Logo ID.
Manufacturer Logos: Logos for all Manufacturers in the Product Spreadsheet.
Who is it for?
Any customer who is trying to build their own website, e-storefront or import information into their own database.
How much does it cost?
Only $150 per year which includes 4 quarterly updates.
How do I order one?
Just click on the Order Here link at the bottom, accept the ECDB Agreement and then complete the online form. You should receive your disk within 7-10 days.
What if I have more questions?
Just email or call 866-842-0427.