Lead Entry Specialist Post

Lead Entry Specialist Post


Job Description

I contract for a Lead Generation Company based in United States. There is an additional need for Data Entry personnel to work on filling up Data Forms. The potential candidates must have the ff:

1. Good Internet Connection (1 mbps minimum)
2. Good English Communication Skills
3. Residing in the Philippines
4. Willing to work night shifts (9:00 EST-6:00 EST) and is willing to do overtime if the need arises
5. Willing to work Full Time
6. Amenable to the payscale offerred

Pay is relative to production for the first month and up to $2.50 (inclusive of ODesk Fee)

If interested please attach a 1 minute voice recording saying why you would be the best fit for the job. In the interest of the urgency of the need should you not have any of the 6 prerequisites you need not apply. Please provide your skype or contact details as this requirement is for August.

Looking forward to having you on the team!!

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