Marketing Coordinator and Brand Developer


Job Description

Advantage Technologies is looking for an individual to function as our Marketing Coordinator. This position is a long term opportunity to help us develop a great brand, effective marketing strategies, and to execute on those strategies. If you’re passionate about developing great looking marketing materials, able to see how those fit into an entire branding message, and able to coordinate events to bring that message to market, there’s a great opportunity here for you. Your creative, organizational, and communication skills need to be off the charts. Oh, and you have to be cool. We’re all cool here, and we like cool, fun people.

Responsibilities would include:

Marketing Plan Development
- Assist the CEO with the development of an overall marketing strategy, including web, social media, printed materials, live events, trade shows, and other effective ideas.
- Be the point person responsible for the execution of all aspects of that marketing strategy. Yup, you’re responsible for all of it.

Trade Shows and Events
- Coordination of all trade shows. Securing booth space, coordinating shipping, schedules, confirmations, travel logistics, etc. End to end management of the show. Full responsibility for coordinating the event so that it is seamless for our team, logistically smooth, and effective in presenting our message in the venue.
- Event graphic design. You’ll need to have experience (and lots of talent) with graphic design. Each venue will require separate graphics, so you’ll need to understand how that particular show or event plays into our overall marketing strategy, and design print and screen based graphics to further that goal.
- Creation of event promotions. Ideas to spark interest in what we do, have people stop in, build our social media base, etc. Give away cool stuff, whatever it takes.
- Once in a while – show up at the events to make sure that it’s all coming together!

Web and Social Media Development
- Develop, maintain, and update a website that coordinates with our printed marketing materials, and effectively attracts the clients that genuinely need what we do.
- Develop our social media presence to stay in touch with doctors, staff members, partners, and other people who could potentially influence our target customers (hey, a real social media strategy, how about that?)

Printed Branding Material Development
- Develop, maintain, and update brochures, flyers, handouts, and all aspects of our print marketing collateral that coordinates with our overall branding strategy.
- Develop PowerPoint presentations and graphics to support our sales team in sales presentations, events, and trade shows.
- Develop graphics for branded giveaway items (jackets, mugs, pens, mouse pads, etc).

Marketing Strategy Reporting
- Track in our CRM system the effectiveness of individual marketing campaigns (i.e. – how many leads and business did we receive from a particular show or event).
- Report to the CEO with recommendations on specific marketing activities. Are we financially justified investing in this show next year, given our response this year?

Required Skills:
- Ridiculously great communication skills. Telephone, written, and in person.
- Amazing organization skills. Ability to coordinate all of the moving parts of putting on an event or trade show, with seamless results. On a deadline. On time. Every time.
- Crazy creative abilities. Be a whiz at Photoshop. Wow us with your ability to creatively develop materials to effectively tell our story to the marketplace, by developing beautiful pieces that coordinate with a single theme.
- Business analysis skills. Ability to analyze the ROI from a marketing campaign, and make recommendations regarding utilization of resources for further campaigns.

This isn’t a short term gig. We fully expect that this will continue to grow over time, and would love to have a long term relationship. And as much as we love our international friends – this is for the US only. You need to understand the US marketplace, need to be an English speaking native, and be able to have fluid, easy communication. If you’re overseas, please do not apply for this position.

We get it. This is an unusual job. Organized people aren't creative, and creative people aren't organized. We’re betting that isn't true for the right person. We’re confident that the right person will have the perfect combination of crazy creative, detail orientation, and business savvy to drive a brand. That’s what it takes. If you think you’re that person – tell us why! We would love to meet you!

Good Luck,

The Team at Advantage Technologies

Skills: marketing, microsoft-office, communication-skills, management, graphics, design, analysis, english

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