Product presentation (Animated illustration)

Product presentation (Animated illustration)


Job Description

My Business is like an Drink Taxi…


You Drive with your car to a Party. Our service is to transport the person and his car… We drive the client in his car at home from the party..

What i need:

I need 3-5 Photos, where is the Idea illustrated.
Where is the process illustrated..
1x photo- where the client Stay on the Bar in the club with a glass of a whiskey.
1x photo- Where the client calls our Drink Taxi (a screen of the persons shoulder and his hand holding a smart phone. In the smart phone is our phone nr. and our company Logo).
1x photo- Our drivers arrives the pick-up position of the client. ( 2 cars, 2 drink taxi drivers and 1 client).
1x photo- were we are on the way to the clients home ( In the streets of the city, Our car with our Logo on his back and the clients car. around are buildings etc.)
1x photo- We arrived the home of the client (One driver stay by the support car and the second driver opens the door from the clients car, and the client getting out of the car).


The image of the illustration will be serious. Our clients are persons starting his level by Bankers, stock brokers and ending by usual job positions.


I send you all important documents for the realization.

Other Informations:
The story have to be composite of 1 character of the client, 2 characters of our drivers (they're closed in black suites with a whiteshirt.

When you are the right person and accept the job, then i send you all needed details of the business (logo, slogan, corporate identity etc.)

Best Regards,