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I have some software that I would like to use to export PDF's to clients.

At the moment it is not very suited to a PDF as it has wording such as "This will last for another 9 days 3 hours 42 minutes and 0 seconds"

Please see example attached.

I would like these sections removed from the program... Potentially if there was a way to make the PDF export a little better spaced as well that would be good, but the above reason is the actual reason for posting the job.

To make sure that it is ok to do this I emailed the company that makes the program and received the below reply.

"Yes, you can get rid of that element although it is not officially supported. You will need to modify built-in xslt files in the Templates directory. Knowledge of XML will be needed for this."

I looked at the files and could not see that information in there anywhere and I realized it will take someone with more knowledge of software than me to make this change...

I can get you the files to modify.

So that I know that you read this job description properly, please start your reply with the word 'LOVEXML'. I tend to ignore applications that don;t follow this simple request.

Looking to get this modification done quickly.


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