American/USA/Canadian Voicemail support

American/USA/Canadian Voicemail support


Job Description

Hi, we need a freelance american/canadian voicemail customer support. (because of the accent) Your task is to call back the customer, either leave a voicemail or talk to him directly and respond on his enquiries. You will email us his questions and we will provide you the answers. If the customer asked questions you do not know, please refer back to us.

Besides this, i will like to create a log file on all the questions customers call in for to put up as FAQ. Your task is to take down WORD-for-word the question the customers asked. And your written response.

We will pay per hourly. So please log in your odesk hours when you are servicing customers. Thank you!

Our expectations for you is that you respond immediately to voicemails within the day hours of USA. Depending on which time zone you are in, we will like you be on stand-by mode to respond to voicemails at least for 9 hours, e.g. 9am to 6pm of your time zone. We are now getting about 5-6 calls per month but will slowly grow as we are doing advertising and seo.

Looking for a longterm trustworthy relationship as we are building on a healthcare ecommerce website here since 2009.

Interview: you need to sound friendly. Will arrange for a skype call.

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