e-commerce start up seeking data entry specialist

e-commerce start up seeking data entry specialist


Job Description

e-commerce start up seeking data entry specialist(s) to populate empty fields of an Excel-based data library of corporate profile information in Phase I of a project that will total 4,500 subjects at final completion. Phase I consists of 250 subjects. Upon successful completion of Phase I, we anticipate to follow immediately with Phase II of an additional 2,000 subjects. Successful completion will require research of various online sources to locate/identify the necessary data for manual input to the associated fields of each of the initial 250 records. Targeted data field types include: Plain Text, URL, Image, Currency, and Numeric. Workbook will contain additional instructions and guidelines of proper formatting for each field.

Project Responsibilities:

1. Search online for each Company listed within the workbook

2. Review any online source which may contain targeted data points

3. Determine credibility of source / data for data input to workbook

4. Ensure the accuracy of data input to workbook

5. Ensure final project delivery on time and within budget

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Sheet 1 is Instruction and sheet 2 is simple
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