IMMEDIATE HIRE: E-commerce Optimization & Analytics Expert

IMMEDIATE HIRE: E-commerce Optimization & Analytics Expert


Job Description


We want you to provide advice on how we can increase conversion rates that is to be backed by evidence, examples and statistics so our development team can implement them for various projects

The Main Goals for the project are to improve:
Higher conversion rate of visitors into customers
Increase sales rate and profits
Improve the website’s efficiency
Learn which parts of your website need improving

We want you to analyze our websites and present us with details of what is preventing our website from making more sales and how to remedy these problems.

This must include:

Where we can streamline your processes to increase profits
How we can reduce our cost per sales conversion rate
Affiliate sites a PLUS
How we can maximize our company’s ROI
How we can trim our marketing costs
How we can move ahead of our competition
How people spend their time on our website
Details on barriers preventing people from making a purchase
A comprehensive list of the site’s strengths and weaknesses
Full details on how to improve our websites
A/B testing on Google a MUST
Knowledge of Joomla Wordpress Magento a plus
Adwords a PLUS.

You must be an EXPERT on Google Analytics and be able to provide advice on goals and funnels that are needed to effectively monitor and analyze traffic and conversions. Include "I am your E-commerce Analytics Expert" and Examples of A/B testing , conversion optimization work. This can lead to long term big projects with bonus.

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