Filipino Virtual Assistant - App production

Filipino Virtual Assistant - App production


Job Description

I'm looking for a hardworking, smart and creative Filipino Virtual Assistant that will help me with my App business.

My requirements are.
1. Great writer to write descriptions and good points about my app.
2. Owns an iOS device like iPhone, iPad or iTouch ( Required).
3. Very creative.
4. Works really fast.
5. Has attention to details.
6. Organized.
7.Able to manage my graphic designer and programmers.
8. Know how to use word and Excel.

It will involve browsing the iTune stores to look at the market trend. Researching keywords that can be used in my apps. Testing mobile apps to check the quality of the designer and developer's work.
Its a fun job.
I will pay 1.82/hour (including odesk fees) and if this is not acceptable please do not apply.

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