low budget "white board video" production


Job Description

we have an eLearning course mainly based on text with a few photos. But some people would prefer learning by videos.

But video production is so costly. But recently I found a film like this one:

Not really a film, it is a spoken text documented by illustrations. I do not know the technical name for it???

I could imagine, that you create such a film for me, if it is within our budget. How do you calculate such films? By minute or by 1000 words?

Our languages would be german, english, french and italian. We have the material translated and with some photos.

Another method could be to show snippets from other existing videos combined together to illustrate the speach of a speaker.

Same question here: How to calculate such a project?
Please help me by offering your service and what you do (examples) and how much you charge for it. I am at the total beginning of this project and looking for professionals for a cooperation.


Skills: video, film, english