Durpal 7 expert need to convert WordPress site

Durpal 7 expert need to convert WordPress site


Job Description

have an existing site built in Wordpress. It's a fairly simple site:

-Main index page (product grid) styled by a responsive "masonry brick"
css/jquery logic
-Product detail pages (title, body, main images, additional images)
and a block with 3 x "you may also like" thumbnails from the same
product category.
-We also have a form in the header. Currently, submitting the form
sends an email, but we'd prefer for the form submission to create a
"case" in desk.com helpdesk using the desk.com API
(details here:https://www.odesk.com/jobs/~0151a914b137aa9b74)
-finally, there is some logic to persist incoming affiliate ids as
session variables and also logic to pre-populate the form fields from
query-string parameters
-there are about 300 posts in a couple dozen categories which would also need to be migrated as part of the job.

We'd like a quote for what it would cost to migrate this to Drupal. We want to add some "Phase 2" features to it, but first we'd just like a quote to basically migrate the existing functionality as-is.

Please let me know what you think it might cost. I developed this site
myself and I'm starting to learn Drupal, but I have some other
priorities so curious to see what it would cost to simply outsource
this task. I'm hopeful that having the existing site up to function as
a working "prototype" along with some of the css/jquery logic might
help make the transition very smooth by eliminating the notion of
creeping requirements, false starts and miscommunications.

-expert Drupal 7 developer
-Drupal theme building experience
-strong CSS/jQuery
-WordPress experience may be helpful

In your reply PLEASE INCLUDES LINKS THE DRUPAL SITES you have personally created.


We are not sure about the budget so I just entered a random figure.

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