Save plumbers from the pain of dealing with paper invoices - Android iOS app

Save plumbers from the pain of dealing with paper invoices - Android iOS app


Job Description

I’m looking to develop a mobile application to help plumbers who are struggling with paper invoices.

Right now, plumbers have to fill out by hand a paper invoice, drive back to the office and hand out the invoice to the billing lady who then as to re-enter everything in her accounting software. It's a really painful process for both the plumber and the billing lady.

I would like to create a mobile application where plumbers can fill out their invoice on their mobile or tablet. Once done, they can email a pdf of the invoice to the customer, and sync it automatically with the application's website. The billing lady will then be able to download a csv file with all the invoices for the day from her account on the application's website, and import it into her accounting software.

Some other features I’d like to have are:
- ability for the client to sign the invoice
- preview full invoice
- email a pdf version of the invoice
- ability to customize the logo and company information on the invoice (the customization would be done on the application's website)

I’m not a developer and I've never done this before, so I’d like to know how you’d recommend that we build an application like this and how long you’d think it would take to build. I’m open to any platform or any way to get this done, so please give me your recommendation.
Please budget separately in terms of time and money the development of:
- the android app
- the iOS app
- the application's website
I would prefer to have both the android and iOS app built at the same time, but if it is too expansive, I would start by building the android app.

I’ve attached some very rough UI examples - these are just quick ideas to help you understand what I’m looking for - I will be developing them further.

Please provide estimated time and cost.

Skills: android-development

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