Need a site Scraped than imported into wordpress XML file

Need a site Scraped than imported into wordpress XML file


Job Description


I"m building a Hearthstone Card Database which is a database for the video trading card game Hearthstone. My site is powered by wordpress and I have created a custom post type for the cards and exported an XML file that I need all the scrapped info put into that way I can upload the new XML file to my wordpress site.

The site I need scrapped is Here you an see they have a their card database. If you view a card's page example: The info I need scrapped is

Card Type
Card Rarity
Card Class
Card Race

- I have these each setup as their own custom wordpress category if you view my XML file you can see them listed as.
<category domain="cards-rarity" nicename="legendary"><![CDATA[Legendary]]></category>
It is important to note that not every card will have each category, some cards are not race cards or class cards.

The other info I need scrapped is

Card Description
Card Text
Flavor Text
Crafting Cost
Arcane Dust Gained

Than Lastly I will need the images of the cards. Each card has at least 1 image and some have two. For example the card I posted above their image can be located at

I will need these images in just a folder with the same name same name so the image for the card above I would need in a folder and named 303.png and the secondary / gold version of that card called 303-1.png.

Once you scrape all the data it than needs to be put into a new item in the XML file just like the one attached. Below is a snippet from the XML file. If you have any questions please let me know as it is very important that the data is entered in correctly.

I will also need the scrapper to work for a later date so I can use it later on and would like php to have comments explaining what exactly is going on incase I need to change things later on.

I would also like this done asap, within 24 hours from receiving the project but preferably quicker.

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