Promo 2d animation for iPhone app (Russian speaking prefer)

Promo 2d animation for iPhone app (Russian speaking prefer)


Job Description

Hi there,

We need to create animated promo video for our iPhone app.
The animation should look like (only quality of animation, may be better if you can)

Our product is messaging mobile app for moms with babies and for pregnant womens, so all animation about this topic.

Length of video is about 1:50. There is 30 sec of time will be shown how the app work(like mobile app vidio tutorial), and this will be provided, so only about 80-90 sec need to animate.

We have detailed audio script, for which you'll use to make animated video.

We have VERY SHORT timeline for this until the next fiday it should be DONE, do not bid if you not able to finish it by deadline. Start your cover message with words "Deadline is work for me", so we can make sure you've read and accept requirements.

You can use any tools like Powtoon, GoAnimate or any other. When you bid for this project, include the link in the message with video from your portfolio, that you think will mostly mutch to our needs(quality of animation). We'll not accept your bid without this link.

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