JQuery mobile messaging app

JQuery mobile messaging app


Job Description

We have a Phonegap & JQuery-mobile messaging app which needs to provide a simple contact chooser, recent messages list, and conversation view, as well as a settings panel and some screens for that.

The developer will initially only be responsible for the JQuery mobile webapp and won't have to deal with the Phonegap integration (that's mostly complete already) but Phonegap experience is a plus.

Some user stories from the project:

A user should see an index of recently active contacts, along with their latest message

A user should be able to click on a contact in the index and view their conversation

A user should be able to add a message to a conversation

A user should be able to pick a contact from their contact list (phonegap) and begin a new conversation

A user should be able to generate a public encryption key (scjs library)

A new conversation should begin with an encryption handshake (public key used to send encrypted shared secret)

A new message should be encrypted using the conversation's shared secret before sending

I've been the primary developer so far but don't currently have enough time to commit to the project. We're interested in someone great and will pay accordingly! :)