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Job Description

Well actually the thing here is that I'll be creating the websites (to more specific: Mobile Friendly Websites). It's the evolution of web surfing as these lots f people tend to surf the net through their smartphones. And I need someone who is active and who has high hopes to do this very job that I have at hand for you.

Should things run according to plan then you could see a rise in your pay (60% for me: 40% for you), now tell me how does that sound???.
Try and look for stores, markets, salons, pizza hubs etc. and ask them if they're keen to have their Mobile Websites built for anywhere around $700 - $1000US per website, and for monthly updates it would cost around $500US.

I would suggest for 10 stores if that's not too much too ask from you :).

There's no due date here as the mobile websites have to be updated monthly, so we're looking at the rest of our life.

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