Some small errors in script, and needs to build in an invoice system

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I run a (Dutch) advertising network (, and have some small issues and some things that needs to be build in.

#1 I have an error when I want to add a new website tot When I try to add a site, I get a server error: Array ( [0] => system_error )

#2 Another small problem is that the ads will only show up on 1 page of a website where the ad is placed, so when a visitor visits another page on the website where the ad is placed, it won't show.

3# For the Alexa and Google pr rankings the script uses Allow_url_fopen.
This is not very safe, so this needs to be set to Curl

4# I want some kind of publisher Invoice administration panel (see atachment I created with photoshop). What I want is that when I payout a publisher, the system automatically creates a .PDF invoice for that publisher with on it the money that he has made (is also needs to be able for download by the publisher).

Also for me (the admin of the site) I want an Invoice panel (see atachment). but on the admin part also the Invoice of bought advertisement needs to be placed.

So on the admin site I can check the invoice of publishers, and the invoice of advertisers.

I have already an invoice system created inside the script for advertisers. So when an advertiser pay for an ad, it will automatically create and email the invoice in .PDF. But I also want this to be placed in the control panel for the admin.