Procedural "character" model, rendering and animation in OpenGL

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I need someone to develop the procedural algorithm and opengl to efficiently render and animate the abstract characters for a 3D space story/strategy game. You'll also need to write code to demonstrate it working. I would prefer that part to be in Java but some other language that would be easy to port to Java would probably be acceptable.

We'll start with one of the items as a trial project. If that goes well, we'll continue onto the other items.

This project does not include any programming of the game itself. It is only about developing the procedural/algorithmic rendering/animation for these items. We'll need special effects like HDR, whatever makes sense. You'll need to be expert writing appropriate shaders for this.

See attachment for specs.

Concept art:

Teaser video:

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