Designing plaster ceiling (create 2 layer) for a house


Job Description

This is a simple work, whereby precision is not needed.

1. There exist many beams in the house, the lowest point of the beam to the ground is approximate 8.5 feet.

2. There is need to create illusion of space and height. The beam is 1' thick (hence from ground to ceiling is 9.5 feet.

3. There needs to be at least 2 layers of ceiling be done, whereby to hide concealed T-5 lights. And the gap between this layer is recommended at 0.5 feet. Hence, if follow this recommendation - the lowest layer of ceiling height would then become 8 feet (very low)

4. The ceiling fans should be mounted to the top at the 9.5 feet level to create space height above.

5. The beams are not located symmetrical, hence challenge to adjust the location of fan to balance up the space inside the living areas.

Creative design is needed. Just expect you to draw using Illustrator. Precision not required. If you are ready to take the challenge, kindly quote and reply "CREATIVE DESIGN". - that I know you took the time to read through this briefing. If you have similar projects done, please do include in attachment.