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Job Description

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We need positive, unique online reviews from upper Eastern US.

What do we want the online reviews to say? Talk about our training, how GREAT it was, how knowledgeable our Professional Instructors are. We loved the training equipment. The appointment booking process was SO EASY! Certifications come in the mail so fast. The PRICE was UNBEATABLE!!! You would recommend Act First to anyone and every one. How you have been using our training services for years. (Not before 2006. That is when we opened) You LOVE LOVE LOVE that we came to your location when YOU wanted at a very LOW market price.

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We don't have any online reviews and you know what they say "People always do online research before a purchase".

We don't even know where people post reviews... Google, yahoo, yelp?¿?¿?

We are a CPR & First Aid Training company and our website is www.actfirstcpr.com

Im willing to pay up to $100 for a lot of GREAT reviews.

Proven track record is a MUST! Must show proof of past work on similar job.

Skills: training, research, yahoo