Job Description


The control unit is programmed to receive commands or distress signals from the alarm buttons or warning units installed inside the house and to communicate with the operator in central station in a way to send and receive information or commands.
The unit will be installed inside of the house and will be connected to electricity and phone line .
The Installation will not disturb the regular usage of the electric power or phone line
The unit will be equipped with receiver and transmitters working according the Fcc rule 15 subpart D .
The control unit Will include A speaker and microphone for vocal communication.
A vocal communication with control unit will be done from every kind of telephone .
The unit will have the possibility to adjust speakerphone output manualy and/or from distance(central station)
The unit will have minimum of 6 digit ID number to be identified by the central station .
The central station will have the possibility to program or to change the ID of the control unit.
The unit will receive confirmation about reception of the ID or event and open the vocal section for vocal communication in case vocal communication is requested.
The unit will disconnect line only after the central station off hook command is received.
Some parameters of the unit ( see list) will be reprogrammed by the central station using DTMF or ID CONTACT protocol
The project include a PC based test bench to test the manufactured units.