JEG Group Logo Design

JEG Group Logo Design


Job Description

The JEG Group is an innovative company with huge future prospects in the consumer savings industry.The JEG Group's newest sub company - The JEG Freezecard, is set to shake up the retail rewards market.

What do we require?
* The Logo is to be placed on the card, social media sites and business mail-outs.
* It must have the word 'JEG' in capitals.
* It must have the word 'Freezecard' as shown.
* Think cooler colours: Blue, Grey, Green, White
* Think Frozen, cold, freezing, cool

How do we award you the contract?
* We do require a sample of your work.
* It may be watermarked.
* It must be original.
* It must be fresh.
* It must follow the design criteria

What are we offering?
* Aside from the cost of the design, if you design a logo that entices us - a full time paid position may be available to you.

Please have some fun with the design, you have a lot of freedom - but keep it fresh, professional and cold!

Skills: design, logo