Need An Objective C Programmer For Mobile Games


Job Description

Hi Guys and Gals,

We're an up and coming mobile game company. We design simple and beautiful mobile games and we're looking to hire a new programmer to come on board and join our team! We only want to deal with "A" players, so if you're going to apply please make sure you show us your "A" work. =)

Here's what we're looking for:

• You have to love what you do and have fun while you do it. I'm not joking on this one. If we're going to have a working relationship, you've got to be able to have fun while we're doing this. After all, we are making games - it's supposed to be fun.

• You've got to know Objective C inside and out. If you're going to be doing apps, this is a must.

• You have to know or be willing to learn new more advanced programming languages like Unity 3D or Cocos 2dx.

• You have to work well with others. We already have other programmers and artists in place and it's up to you to be able to fit in well with them.

• You have to be attentive and available on Skype. Please treat this like a REAL job, because it is a REAL job. If I need to be able to talk to you, you have to show up and be available.

Out goal as a company is to combine great artists who make great artwork with great gameplay and put it in front of the billions of people who play mobile games. If you're an awesome programmer and you know it, we want to put your work in front of billions of people!

Please reply back with DIRECT LINKS to your your previous work. We go through literally hundreds of applications and we don't want to have to dig around to see what you can do. Please include direct URL links to your BEST work. Otherwise provide some references or reasons why we should hire you.

And of course if this works out, there is the possibility of long term work. We treat our programmers like gold.

Once again, please reply back with DIRECT LINKS to your work and also include the word "gorilla" just so I know you read this all.

Thanks For Your Time.

Norman Ho