Job Description

We are looking for people who can provide us with interviews with published authors and/or editors, agents, and other persons relevant to writing industry.

The payment varies, is negotiable and depends on the level of recognition of the author. We are interested in both newcomers and well-established authors.
In your cover letter please let us know what services you can provide and what is your bid per interview. We are flexible with the busget, $5 is just a placeholder.

Please note that we will need some kind of proof that you indeed did have that interview and are not making it all up.

Updated (due to some people misunderstanding the project):

The task is:
- you find a published author and get him/her to agree to be interviewed
- you come up with the relevant questions which benefit both the author and the readers of our website (target audience: writers, both newbies and experienced, readers)
- you interview that person (whatever they feel more comfortable with: a chat, a call, an email exchange)
- you write everything down in form of an interview and send back to me
I pay the agreed upon price. The specifics can be discussed and negotiated but the end result should be an interview with a published author which we can publish on our website in a relevant section.