Calculating Sofa Measurements Software

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I have a custom sofa business. I make custom sofas down to the exact inch. This comes in very handy because the city I am in has many older building with very narrow staircases and hallways. I have lots of customers come to my store and tell me how there sofa doesn't fit. From there I have the customer send me pictures and measurements and then I figure out what kind fit. The problem is a lot of times the sofas are getting angled in and I can't figure out exact what can fit so I usually have to take off a few extra inches to play it safe. Or I make a mistake and the sofa does not fit.

I am looking for a solution to this. Maybe you can design some kind of software that I can put in the measurements and it could tell me what the sofa measurements need to be to ensure it fits. Or I can buy some kind of cad software and you can setup something within the program.

I am open to sugesstions. Please let me know your thoughts and questions.

I posted the job hourly, but please feel free to send me a fixed price.

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Skills: software-development