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Job Description

The project is basically concerned the principle of generation of electricity through the use of wind velocity or wind pressure. The high pressure will developed in turbine blades with maintaining wind pressure and some special aspects of blades design like mechanical consideration that is angle of blades, numbers of blade, size of blade, gap between blade, these are mechanically fitted with in front of train engine.We can develop high synchronism on blades by providing wind pressure and in absence of wind pressure we can’t generate electricity. We are getting output by the limitation of high synchronism and the torque will be produce then blades rotates in maximum speed and generates electricity.The main conclusion of this project i.e. “ELCTRICITY GENERATION BY HIGH SPEED TRAIN” is that the wind energy can be efficiently converted into electrical energy. The electrical energy produced could be used to lighted up the boogies, run A.C of A.C coaches. Presently this type of generator are not still being used but in future these could be one of the best alternative of power saving.
It also does not cost high but very efficient in producing useful energy from wind energy.