mobile picture manager

mobile picture manager


Job Description

Android, iPhone, html5 & Phonegap

1. listview: showing photo groups JSON pulled from server
2. button: add a new group to the list
3. listview: when group name is clicked it shows pic, desc within the group
4. button: Capture Photo via camera add to group
5. function: Automatically crop image to 800 x 600 pixels
6. dropdown: Pick category from drop-down list
7. text: Type title into textbox
8. text: Type desciptive paragraph(s) into a multi-line textbox
9. dropdown: pick a number from dropdown list (this is score)
10. function: submit to windows server 2008, sql database (id, image, dropdown text, title text and descriptive text, datetime, location, score) ... 7 fields and an autoincrement ID field
11. listview: update the groups listview to show new image captured
12. all code belongs to purchaser

Skills: json