Write up a Case Study w/our customer - interview, compile responses (copy only, no art/design)

Write up a Case Study w/our customer - interview, compile responses (copy only, no art/design)


Job Description

We need a Case Study done with one of our early customers, to use in marketing and new lead generation as social proof and affirmation that our products successfully serve the needs of our market.

This will entail writing up a case study interview (some suggestions below) and sending it to the client, and putting their responses into a case study format. No design/art needed, just the copy - we'll get the artwork later.

- Draft interview questions to send to client.
- Compile client answers, highlight choice quotes, follow up at most once for clarifications.
- Copywrite an introduction and conclusion to the case study.


What we do: We offer SMBs product locator technologies to help them make it easy for their customers to find their products. We make it simple to put all their products + where to buy those products info into our system (and manage it going forward) and immediately have a product locator up on their website, Facebook page, or mobile site. If they don't have a mobile website, this product locator can serve as one without adding any code to their website.

For their customers, this means that hitting their website from a mobile phone will pop up a "where to buy" experience that's location-aware, showing users where they can find products close to them. Local search on mobile is quickly turned into a buying opportunity.

More info: http://brandtr.ee

We will provide the customer and contact, and either facilitate the email interview exchange or let you do so yourself (will depend on the contractor).


The main sections of the interview should focus as follows:

*Who is the sample customer and what do they do?
*What were the customer’s goals?
*What were the customer’s needs?
*How did Brandtree satisfy those needs and help the customer meet their goals?


We expect this case study will be 5-10 pages of copy when interview's complete.

Let us know if there are questions which would help create an accurate estimate of the time and cost of this job.

Helpful "how to build a great case study": http://blog.kissmetrics.com/creating-a-great-case-study/

Skills: marketing, design, facebook