Filter in WordPress


Job Description

Our website provides a list overviewing all the different kollegiums (student housing) in Denmark. It’s sorted so that the when klikken on a University, you’ll get the list so that the closest student housings comes up first, as for example with Copenhagen Business School (CBS):

We would like to make a filter with a search engine, so that any given address can be typed into the search box, and then shows all the possibilities of student housing closest to this address. We wish google maps ( to be the source of this information/data.

Typing an address like “Howitzvej 60, 2000 Frederiksberg” (the address of CBS), it would automatically show exactly the student housing on this page: “”. The same would go if the address ” Nørregade 10, 1165 København K” (the address of University of Copenhagen) was to be searched for, this list would be shown:”” and so one.

Furthermore I’d like an estimated price for the filter so i can discuss this with my co workers. I hope that this somewhat makes sense, otherwise please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.