As needed part time - personal assistant

As needed part time - personal assistant


Job Description

I am a business man
My business is growing too fast
I am running out of time to handle so many things
I don't like it
I need you to handle a bunch of many small things here and there from time to time per request E.g
- Find me cheapest air ticket to abc,
- Log in to several online business accounts and post messages or replies to consultation messages
- My business is in IT field so you may need to handle some technical aspects (E.g. Give someone access to server, Cancel an online account) but you will receive max help with
- Email someone
- Research for things online like websites, information, design resources (much)
- Download and install things...
- Give quick instant personal replies before I get back to client....
- But mostly it will be finding things online & perhaps buiyng them for me
- etc

+ You need to speak English fluently.
+ Don't expect a load of constant work - this is as needed basis
+ Preferably located in North America
+ Ladies will be preferred


Skills: basic, english, research, design, online-assistant, virtual-assistant-skills

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