Custom Java applet

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

looking for someone to write a custom java applet.
it should be runnable from windows host (32 or 64 bit)
the applet will need to connect to database (mssql or oracle), get the configuration info (location of files), then ask the user for
string to search for... then search all the logs for the string and zip the logs and move them.

More details:

1. on start connect to database
2. connection to database: (setting must be changeable from the interface)
3. need application that will work with both Oracle and MSSQL databases
4. run the query provided (by me) - it will return 5 fields; application name, path, host, service type, version. I will provide schema and sample data.
5. then it should guide the user to pick the logs they want scanned.
6. It should show the options to users in tree format. group the service types. Once they expand service type,show applications names for each service type.
5. Once the user selects an application or applications, allow user to define where the files will be stored once zipped or not zipped (based on user input)
7. then prompt user to provide string for which the search will be made
8. then process the request: look for ANY instances of the string (case sensitive) in the files within that path returned by the query.
for example, if the value return in step 4 is :

path = d:\abc\logs\xxxx and host=NNNN



and scan all the files named like XXXX_********.log

once ANY match is found... zip the file (if file doesn't exist) and move to the specified location