Mobile Application for subscription-based site

Mobile Application for subscription-based site


Job Description

We have a network of sports sites and we need a mobile app. Android is our preferred format and we would consider Apple as well if it's within our budget.

The app will have to be written from the client side since we can't provide the developer access to our networks (because each is individually owned but hosted on the same platform). There is an app very similar to what we need developed and it was written from the client side so it is obviously possible to do so. You can find it at the link below:

The example app above is for one of the sites only but we would prefer one that can easily access all sites on our network, which is

The sites have free areas but what you can access is based on on your subscription. The app will need to have a log in in area, just as the web version does.

While not all areas of the sites will need to be accessed for the user we would like to have as much as possible. The priority areas are the articles and forums.

We have had a small app in the past but it was simply a viewer of our mobile site and we want a true app experience for our users.

Please contact me with any questions. Please note that we have a very limited budget but if you can come in close to our numbers and can deliver a great product then we may be able spend more.