Invoice in C# MVC


Job Description

We want to develop an internal invoice service in C# MVC 4 using Entity Framework.

Goal is to create an invoice with a look and feel and functionnalities close to the Invoice section in WePay (please create an account to have a look)

Project is already started and accessible on :

Login :
Password : toto

Then go to :

Goal of the Job is to :
- provide a clean CSS for the project (I started with WePay as an example, but we now have a very complex CSS structure).

- Implement the "Add an image" functionnality as working on WePay

- Implement the "Add another item" Javascript that will allow to add multiple line to the invoice.

- Implement the javascript automatic calculation for the invoice (price = unit price * quantity and so on...).

- Give the possibility to Edit the company name as on WePay

- Have a calendar displaid for selecting the invoice date.

- Give the possibility to upload (and handle the upload in 2.0 as for the picture) the PDF invoice.

- Handle the "Send","Save as Draft" and "Cancel" button.

Current projet base will be provided and work will have to be done on top of that. Code will need to be particularely clear and explicit.

We have regular needs in C# MVC.