UK based actors for testimonial videos

UK based actors for testimonial videos


Job Description

Hello everyone,

we are a video production company located in Greece, and we're looking for actors/models to participate in video testimonial shootings.

We need short video testiomonials of:
-a couple (mid forties)
-a man and two women (in their thirties)

All should be native UK english speakers.

We'd like to shoot these video testimonials in the actors homes, because they're intended for a home product.

We have no problem with an agency taking over this and finding actors and organizing the whole thing.

Fee per actor is $90. We own camera/sound equipment, and will provide with the script and any other materials needed.

Please send a picture and/or video sample of previous work if you're an actor matching our profiles.

If you're an agent or producer, send us a reel and/or CV.

You must provide proof of good video/sound equipment.(list of equipment and demo)

Please start your application with "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope. " in order to be considered.

Schedule may change, but only by a day or two.

Skills: acting