Sales Manager

Sales Manager


Job Description

Hi there,

We are looking for an excellent and proven sales manager.
Team management, sales measurements, growth management are key priorities to demonstrate to us, in order to get a serious opportunity with our amazing company.

We need a tactical mind to map, plan and implement a sales strategy for the next 12 months to achieve a significant market growth. A process driven, time management expert who has high performance values should apply.

1. Our web based application
2. Market knowledge
3. Government legislation and compliance to apply to our market
4. Application of business rules.

You must have experience in sales management and be willing to bring life to our current sales team. You will be able to build your own team, measuring our current team and deciding who stays and whether we need fresh people.

We have one in house sales person who has complete knowledge on our company, our sector and our product. You will work closely with her during your onboarding.

Absolutely perfectly spoken and written English, candidates using small 'i', non capitalised sentences and incorrect punctuation will be immediately declined.

Please provide a voice recording with your application, being essential to next stage of interview. If you do not provide a voice recording, your application will be rejected. Also, please do 3 of any following oDesk tests:

Outbound Sales Test
Management Skills Test
Analytical Skills Test
Computer Aptitude Test
Telephone Etiquette Test
Organisational Behaviour Test
UK English Basic Skills Test
Time Management Test
Salesforce Test
Customer Service Test

And any other Sales qualifications you can provide or experience will be appreciated in assessing your application.

Are you the person to do this role with our wonderful team and social venture enterprise application? If you are excited by this opportunity, please contact me. Start asap for the right candidate.

kind regards

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