Web Program Manager

Web Program Manager


Job Description

As I am now trying to create a website for ALL online unlimited video games. I am now trying to find out the best way to create a plateform (emulator) bywhich I am looking to put unlimited online games. As I am trying to make a website as the main source in doing so. I am also trying to find out how I can make it properly bid and wager also and compete with others. If you will tell me the process and the resources in doing so I can know the full step by step requirements in case I am needing to possible upgrade.

I am needing someone that can handle many things and soon manage as well as basic common web design for PHP/ Sql. While there will soon be ecommerce, virual reality portals and gateways (under the 'google bar'), video game bidding / waging and designing with video game cam invites to converse play. Then you will place a link to your interest upon when you complete the trial and then consider it in any form you like and place anywhere and multiple places that you like. Then and make money daily in what you love and enjoy the most daily as there are many avenues and portals and gateways you can seek in doing so. That being the trial in prepaing the site in properly working so you can I now have full details in doing so, that being the reason I am ONLY seeking dedicated and motivated.

So if you are interested and will to proceed concerning the offer for the position under the trial in the first paragraph. Then contact me back in proceeding to do so and contact me back here so I can then send you the contact details in sending them. Then I will further explain in detail and have you begin. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon