GUI Designer(s) needed for MOBA kickstarter Project

GUI Designer(s) needed for MOBA kickstarter Project


Job Description

Hello my name is Andre' Battle and I'm the owner of a small game development team called DreamX Productions. The team currently is made up of (0) 3D Modelers, (0) GUI designer, (2) concept artist and (3) Programmers, (1) Web Designer, and (2) 3D Modelers. We are looking to develop a new generation of MOBA gaming and we need your help. A little about the project:

I. Game Overview
Name:Obelisk (undecided title)
Genre: MOBA
PVP Modes: 6vs6vs6 / 5vs5 / 3vs3
Story Outline: (Currently have background story and lore's for characters)
Maps: A weather system will be added in the game to develop game-play. (More information on maps contact me)

II. Gameplay
Classes: There will be six different classes (each play a huge role in 6vs6vs6)
Rewards: Players will be able to unlock emblems (30+), heroes, customizations, and more.
Multiplayer: Looking to fix current issues MOBA's seem to have such as overpowered heroes, gold sharing, disconnect of players, and server issues; while at the same time adding new and improved things to the growing genre.
Abilities: All player abilities use cool-downs, no mana.

III. Money? Pay? Free?
Looking to create a demo showing some basic gameplay and characters along with whats to come for the game. Once the goal is met, a Kick-Starter will be created to get the game funded. The money from Kick-starter will be used to gather more resources and programs for the team to use. Any money left over will be used to workout an equal 360 degree pay for all members.

P.S: This is a (unpaid) job until kickstarter, please keep that in mind.

IV. What am I looking for?
Currently I have all outlines for how the Interface of the game along with menu's will look. I'm looking for a someone who can help me design them now within Photoshop.

V. What Do I expect?
If you are interested in joining, please make sure you are 100% willing and ready to start. There are team meetings every Tuesday, 3 pm est. The team helps one another gain experience in fields their lacking in and work as a family. Current members are friendly.

VI. Programs
-Teambox (Please become familiar with this site, we use it to upload and organize work)
-Unity (free, until kick-starter)
-Skype (meetings)

P.S Not looking for a short term member, looking to have someone who could possibly stay with the project from begin, to testing, to launch and so forth.

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