Google Analytics access through Powershell

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description


This should be simple for someone who is familiar with .Net/C# and working with the Google Apis. Some of you might already have it lying around.

- the tool should eventually be integrated into a Powershell ecosystem
- so either you provide a pure Powershell script (with some external libraries) or some .NET binary (dll, exe) which can be called from Powershell
- also feel free to hint on a free tool, that we can call via the commandline
- needs to provide a method, that delivers the results for a certain GA query for a given property
- should return an array (or similar structure) with the results
- useful (can be simle though) error handling, when there is a problem
- preferred, if no need to create the request URL on our side (please state if that is included in your application)
- should use OAuth2 authentication

Definition of done:
- we have successfully executed a Google Analytics API query like this one from OUR computer
- this thus possibly includes help with Google Analytics DLL hell and dependencies and a short guide on how to set everything up (e.g. api keys etc., link to tutorials, documentation or Stackoverflow threads will be fine)
- no need for an installer, just telling where to get them will be fine

In our application:
- please roughly state the amount of functionality you are planning to provide
- how you are going to implement it (as in "we'll deliver a .net dll", not in "we'll inherit from ... and add a property ...)

Thank you!